WATCH: Army Sargeant Reunites With Dog She Thought She Would Never See Again

We want to introduce you to the moment U.S. Army Sergeant Dahlberg’s family was once again complete.

Dahlberg came home one day only to find out that her dog Ginger was missing. She and her daughter searched endlessly for their beloved pup, hoping that someone might have spotted her. Days went by, and thanks to their hard work and determination, Ginger was missing no more.

Dahlberg, whose grassroots campaign of hitting the pavement in search of Ginger failed to yield results took her search online. She was able to track down Ginger’s whereabouts after rescue organization Front Street Animal Shelter posted Ginger for adoption on their website. The video below captures the moment the two were reunited:

Sadly, Ginger contracted parvo virus during her time on the streets. With the help of her family, she will undergo treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. The shelter wrote on their Facebook page:

“This disease can be lethal, but we were able to find treatment soon enough. And it looks like she’ll make a full recovery now that she’s back in her loving home.”

Please keep Ginger in your thoughts and in your hearts as she recovers.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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