Beautiful golden retriever puppy shot in the eye

A beautiful golden retriever puppy is recovering after someone shot his eye out in North Rose, New York. The seven-month-old puppy, named “Cooper,” was shot after he managed to dig out of his fenced yard last week; the puppy, along with two other dogs who live at the same home, ran off, and someone severely injured him while he was away.

According to WHEC News, the Chrisley family’s other dogs returned home later the same night, but Cooper was not found for two days – he was discovered less than a mile away in nearby woods.

Since last Friday, Cooper has been recuperating from the devastating injury at Williamson Animal Hospital – though the bullet missed his brain, his eye was destroyed and he needs surgery to repair the bone damage to his face.

An outpouring of support for Cooper has been received through a GoFundMe campaign established to help cover his staggering veterinary expenses. As of Tuesday, over $18,000 has been raised for the injured puppy.

Who shot Cooper, and why, remains a mystery. The authorities are investigating the heartbreaking situation.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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