Zeus Has Been Beaten… He Is A Gentle, Delicate Dog And You Can Tell That He Has Been Beaten Repeatedly…

Zeus Has Been Beaten… He Is A Gentle, Delicate Dog And You Can Tell That He Has Been Beaten Repeatedly…

Watch The Video And You Will See His Fear!!! Help Us To Save Him!!!! ***Share!!!***

Zeus Is Hospitalised In Intensive Care, Being Treated For Leishmaniasis. He Is Receiving Fluid Therapy And His Blood Is Tested Daily To Monitor The Evolution Of His Kidneys And Liver.

A Call For Help In A Location About 3 Hours From Our Hospital. It´S Quite A Ride But It´S Urgent. The Has Not Moved, Barely Breaths.

We Leave Home At 5 In The Morning.

His Name Is Zeus, And He Is Completely Broken… His Body, His Spirit Have Been Emptied. There Is Nothing There Anymore. It´S Heartbreaking!!

In His Darkest Hour, He Lifts His Eyes, Looks At Me, And Licks My Hand.

Please Watch This Incredible Video…

Zeus Is In Intensive Care… Hislife Is In Our Hands… Please, Help Us Save Him…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKSto help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. What breed of dog is Zeus? Have you all figured out what is the cause of his lesions all over his skin? Is he in a lot of pain?

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t tell. Is his eyes ok, or did the poor baby loose them. Sending prayers for Zues. I love you honey.

  3. its so sad to see a lovely dog like this treated so appallingly by a soupposed human being, he will know love for the first time from this wonderful team and community. Be brave kiddo, we all support you xx

  4. The fact that this dog’s suffering was so preventable with proper care as a puppy just breaks my heart and makes me so angry I could just spit! Wish I could do more but I will be praying for healing for this baby and for the joy inside of him can return.

  5. Im over it ,it makes me so angry to see how people are treating their dogs in this world. I dont know how Viktors team haven’t got the shits with the world they have so much repairing to do cause of selfish people

  6. He will continue to feel the love and know that you guys are trying to take care of him That will help him heal both emotionally and physically.Can’t wait to see when his skin is much better.I can alreafy see it is a beauty.

  7. What a beautiful boy❤️ I hope with all my heart that he will know how much he is worth and what a good boy he is soon. And feel love and security forever. All we can hope is that karma gets his abuser and that it gets him/ her HARD.

  8. Oh it’s so good to see him eating( always a good sign), he’s going to be just fine, can’t wait to see him running around playing, gorgeous boy ❤️❤️

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