Wonderful! Otto Peed On Himself The First Time He Saw Us.. Look At His Life Now!

wonderful!!! otto peed on himself the first time he saw us.. look at his life now!!! ***share!!!!**

hd video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhxhlfsfurw

otto saw how his sister had two paws amputated by a hunter’s trap.
otto managed to escape unscathed, but he was so traumatised that the sight of a human being would paralyse him and he would urinate without control.
he couldn’t be touched without being terrified… expert behaviourists told us he would never be able to live with a family…
please watch the video to the end… and get ready to cry tears of joy!!!!


PLEASE SHARE, so that his story HELPS TO SAVE ARIEL!!!



SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKSto help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. So what happened to his sister and how come no one here seems to know? I’d imagine that if her legs were brutally amputated by a hunter’s trap, and he was rescued, that at least the people watching these rescues and asking would be informed on the sister’s whereabouts/current condition…???

  2. I remember seeing the first video and thought I’d die when I saw him pee, he was so helpless and terrified. Some wonderful people spent a lot of time and kindness to bring his confidence back. Thank you.

  3. These videos, while joyful in the end, do take a lot out of me. To be good to animals and share a deep mutual love is to be closest to God and life. To treat them with cruelty is to be its evil counterpart. I have rescued several animals from shelters who have been the most loving, giving, wonderful companions and family members one could ever want.

  4. You guys are soooooo amazing.
    Thank you so much for brining this boy back to a normal dog who’s enjoying a loving life to the fullest. I can’t imagine where this poor soul must have gon through.
    What happened to his sister? Is she alive and is she OK?

  5. Phew….firts tears of sadness an anger(why people are keep on doing this to animals). Then tears of hapiness that you all did again a great job with this dog. And so sorry for Maribell to let him go…….I saw it broke her heart. But after seeing this movie I geuss her heart is fulled with joy.

  6. I remember When you rescued him People think dogs don’t have feelings What they do So glad he was emotionally healed And in a forever loving home

  7. It is so wonderful to see an “unbroken” dog emerge, once again, careful and confident in himself! Great job and bless you all for everything you do <3

  8. It’s a very nice video! I’m happy that you saved Otto! Pounds don’t save dogs and cats. They just temporarily trap them. It’s up to the people if they will save them.

  9. beautiful four legged friend . . so glad ur happy and contented now and know that not all humans are bad . . . well done to all for helping u . . xxx

  10. This made me cry. His initial fear was so heartbreaking. The joy he is experiencing now is heart lifting. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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