We Are Going Into Surgery With Scott!! His Owner Preferred To Kill Him Without Even Trying..

we are going into surgery with scott!! his owner preferred to kill him without even trying… no matter, we will save him ourselves!!! help us to save scott!

scott is 10 years old and has lived all his life with the same family… for 10 years he has loved them, protected them, he would have given up his life for them.

this morning, a freak accident happened, scott has been run over by his owner´s car as he was leaving home to work.

the owner didn´t think twice… an old dog… not worth saving… so he requested to have him euthanised. i was there… when i told him we could help he literally said: great, he´s yours… and left.

everyone that has ever been involved in animal rescue can confirm this is, unfortunately, quite common ocurrance… people dump their healthy animals by the side of the road, imagine what they do to an injured dog for which they´ll have to pay..



SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKSto help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. asi paso con el gatito que estaba ayudando, se cayo de la azotea de una de muebles y luego un perro lo ataco y lo mordió al parecer estaba tirado 3 dias sufriendo eso me contaron las personas de ahi nadie lo ayudo asi que decidi ayudarlo… ya lo habían botado en un parque para dejarlo morir estaba convulsionando pero no me importo, lo lleve a un buen veterinario. y me dijeron que estaba muy dañado y mal si queria darle la eutanasia pero yo no queria… a pesar de que me dijieran que le diera una muerte digna yo no soy quien para quitársela, el caso es que logro sobrevivir, inclusive me dijeron que u.u era una gatito fuerte, pero al final de cuentas despues de una semana le dio un parto respiratorio, pero me dijieron que era porque su cuerpo era ya debil y tenia poca masa muscular si no hubiera durado… porque se sobrepuso al menos unos dias, asi que con esto aprendi al menos que no sea una enfermedad mortal, nunca le dare la eutanasia a un gato., porque se que puede sobrevivir. en paz descanse este bebe que falleció en las fechas de los muertitos. y ahora es un angelito.

  2. While some might not agree with what the owner did, give him credit he didnt abandon or dump the dog, he at least sought medical help but couldnt afford it.

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