Vice Presidential Candidate Pens Tearful Tribute To His Beloved Pup

Vice Presidential Canidate Mike Pence and his Wife Karen

This presidential election cycle has been a hard fought battle between Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. With all the barbs being traded back and forth, and the endless commercials from both sides urging us all to vote for their respective campaigns, most Americans at this time are stressed and just want all of this chaos to come to an end.

Running for president is grueling and with only two weeks to go, both campaigns are at full steam ahead criss crossing this great nation of ours pitching their idea’s for a “new America.” For Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence, today was a day to pause and remember a family member. Pence took to Twitter and wrote,

“Heavy hearts today. Our beagle of 13 years passed away quietly last night. Rest In Peace, Maverick. We will miss you.”


Maverick leaves behind his two cat siblings Pickle and Oreo. Pence is not the only animal lover in this year’s race. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has three dogs Maisie, Tally and Seamus.


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton Pictured with her three dogs

Before that, Clinton, along with her husband former President Bill Clinton owned a cat named Socks, and a dog named Buddy. When Bill Clinton’s term ended, Socks was given to one of his secretaries, and Buddy passed away a few years later in a tragic car accident.


Buddy and Socks Clinton hanging out on the South Lawn

Rest in heaven Maverick. 🌈

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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