Urgent!! We Are Operating Adele This Afternoon! Help Us Save Her!

urgent!! we are operating adele this afternoon!!! help us save her!!!

last month, one of the most special dogs we have ever rescued had an extremely complex surgery to completely repair a third degree double patella (knee) luxation as well as a deformity on the femur that would have ultimate end to severe arthritis.

the operation was incredibly successful in spite of the many difficulties we faced.

we had to wait two years until veterinary science advanced to the
point where these surgeries could be performed with complete guarantees.

adele´s first surgery was a success but our job is not complete…
(please watch our vets planning adele´s surgery)

help us complete what we started… help us operate and rebuild her left leg!!!

please, help us save her.

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Viktor I would like to thank you on behalf of all the fur babies you and your staff take care of! You’re a God sent Angel for these precious fur babies. I would also like to say thank you for all you and your team does!

  2. Cette débauche de moyens et d’énergie pour aider un loulou commme Adèle, ça m’impressionne toujours autant. Il y a vraiment des humains extraordinaires sur cette planète. Bravo à tous. Vous êtes des héros à votre manière. On devrait tous prendre exemple, vous êtes des modèles pour chacun dentre nous.

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