Tango’S Full Story! More Tears Of Joy!

Good Morning!!!!! …. Tango’S Full Story!!!!! More Tears Of Joy!! ***Share!!!****

Some Idiot Subhuman Severely Injured Tango By Tying Some Fireworks To His Tail… His Treatment Was Long And Painful, But The Final Transformation, And His Life Since Then, Has Been One Of Our Greatest Achievments…

Watch This To The End:

We Want Tango`S Story To Help To Bring Hope To Zeus, Hospitalised In A Very Serious Condition…. Broken… A Spiritless Body… Empty!!! In His Darkest Hour, He Lifts His Eyes, Looks At Me, And Licks My Hand.

Please Watch His Video And His Rescue Story… Zeus Needs Your Help!

Zeus Is In Intensive Care… His Life Is In Our Hands… Please, Help Us Save Him…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKSto help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Just when I think I have seen it all…some mother f…cker comes along and still amazes me!!! I pray that each abuser out there reads my post…I don’t give a flying fuck if you abuse animals or ppl…I literally pray you ROT IN HELL!!! Enough said!! As for this precious fur baby…prayers sweetie!!!

  2. I felt physically sick when I saw this. What is wrong with some people??? That poor dog. Horrendous injuries to such a handsome dog. I cannot imagine what fear and pain he has had to endure. Thank you for healing him. xx

  3. people like you and your awesome team give me hope for humanity.. Im not religious but i hope the people that commit these heinous acts are judged someday 🙁

  4. I love the work you do it’s truly amazing. However each time I see a video I’m completely horrified that humans can do the horrendous things they do to animals. My heart breaks for each of them. Thank you for gift of healing them and finding them loving homes.

  5. It really breaks my heart to see an animal go through so much pain and suffering, all because of some worthless POS. Thank you, caregivers, for all the love and kindness you have shown this gorgeous boy. God bless you all.

  6. Absoluteley amazing what you have done for this lovely boy, brought me to tears seeing the first part of the video, how people can do stuff like that is beyond me, so glad to see how well he healed bless you all x x

  7. Dr Larkhill! You are an Angel from heaven! You save and help these poor animal who have been violently abused by people! I don’t understand why people do these things! Its appalling! We love you and your team! So happy for Tango!!!

  8. Lord my prayer is simple, I ask that ever person that harms an anomal feels the pain and receives the same injury .. ty for the answer Lord… and ty all for all the love and help you give all these sweet creations from God…amen

  9. Poor baby :***( . Another pup named Vuko had fireworks taped in to his mount, you can only imagine the damage. One day, you can be assured that those who do these barbaric acts will not escape judgment. But for now happy puppy is healing.

  10. Fucking terrible monsters!!!! Who does that?! Pure evil! I feel this poor baby’s pain, I know you all are doing everything you can for him. I am not a prayer type person, but I will keep this one in my thoughts and sending love from wherever I am. I simply can not believe this. My heart breaks.

  11. I gasped when I saw his behind,terrible so many sicko’s in this world plus when viktors team were fixing him he gave kisses to the girls. Dogs are unbelievable how they forgive. Nice ending if you watch utub

  12. I LOVE you guys!!! He’s so beautiful and good natured…to give humans a chance at trusting us again!! We as “superior ” beings are better than this…what pathetic excuse of a human being would do something so horrific? God bless u and our friend Tango!!!❤️

  13. I sincerely hope that whoever did this will suffer the same wounds – I would happily, personally, tie fireworks to his bum and light them.

  14. The scum of the earth, torturing those who can’t stand up for themselves. I would like there to be justice brought to the scum bags who did this but sadly our justice system has this on the back burner.

  15. Amazing work getting this horrifically injured dog back to health. An absolute miracle.
    Poor, poor dog.
    I wish fireworks could be banned worldwide and only ever used by professionals at official organised displays ( if at all) but certainly not available to the public. They’re far too dangerous and too many animals are getting killed, injured, tortured or terrified by people using fireworks.
    So glad this dog could be saved. You are amazing rescuers.

  16. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ From totalt horror to total happiness! I almost could not watch the first few minutes, knowing that Tango had to suffer through the pain. Amazing that you were able to help him to a new life. Thank You!!!

  17. Why are the people that do this to innocent animals still walking on this planet………..those are humans that have serious minds….they need to be put down………..not innocent animals !

  18. Humans are a sick species….worse off than these helpless animals…..so sad really…reminds me of Chico…is he still alive? I hear he is dead or I am hoping otherwise….maybe can adopt

  19. Absolutely amazing thank you for all ya’ll do. To whom ever done this and to all the other abusers and just mean heartless mf’s I pray you get the same done to you that you have done to the animals

  20. Oh so beautiful, many Gods blessings to you and staff. A big kiss for Tango.xxxxx May the person who did this suffer in hell for the rest of his/her life.

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