Someone left a live dog inside of a duffel bag in the desert

A little dog, very much alive, was abandoned by someone who secured him inside of a duffel bag. The horrific act of cruelty, which would have ended in death if not for good timing and the intervention of a good Samaritan, was recounted by the Victor Valley Animal Protective League on Tuesday.

The agency wrote, “SAVED FROM A HORRIBLE DEATH. It was a duffle bag in the desert. Trash in the desert is all too common, which is why he was going to drive around it. That is, until it moved.”

Thankfully, the man was curious, so he stopped to investigate. Much to his shock, the blue duffel was holding a very much alive blonde terrier who has since been dubbed “Duff.”

According to the shelter, Duff, the dog who was left to die in the desert, is not only safe, but in a loving new home, thanks to the good Samaritan who took the time to investigate a strange bag in the middle of nowhere.

(Photos via Victor Valley Animal Protective League)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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