Mumbai’s horrific animal cruelty continues with no end in sight

In Mumbai’s continued horrific animal cruelty situations, two more dogs have been rescued and are slowly recovering, but not without inhumane suffering at the hands of the most despicable culprits.  According to Mid-day News, a nine-month-old puppy was attacked with acid and or boiling water thrown over her while another dog’s face was severely damaged after a firecracker had been set off in its mouth.

These last two cases have chilled even the most stoic to the bone. On Monday night, animal advocate Utkarsha Nayak rescued the dog who had been part of an acid attack. She notes she had just saved two puppies when she found the injured female dog writhing in pain. The dog was brought via the “Bird and Animal Helpline” to a private clinic in Borivli where she is receiving specialized treatment including blood transfusions to treat her anemia and skin grafts to repair the damage done to her shoulders and neck. Fortunately she is expected to survive, and is now in a foster home receiving expert care.

And as if that case wasn’t traumatic enough, another animal cruelty situation involved Hope, the dog, whose muzzle had been blown apart into two sections after a rocket firecracker exploded inside of his mouth. Surgery has thus far reconstructed his facial bones, and although his condition is stable, he still eats with a feeding tube. His case is being referred to a veterinarian specialist in the United States where funds are being raised to ensure his future treatment.

Unfortunately even when the perpetrators are caught, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, the fine is insignificant and less than 2% of the offenders are ever punished. What a shameful situation for any dog. Mumbai should hang their heads in shame for allowing this inhumanity to innocent animals to continue.

(Photos via Bird and Animal Helpline)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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