Max Continues To Be Hospitalised… Look At His Eyes… His Expression Is Completely Changing!

max continues to be hospitalised… look at his eyes… his expression is completely changing!!!!

what they did to max, hanging him, is typical of the old traditions of the spanish countryside, a spain that we all fight to leave behind, despite the excuses of many!!…

help us to save him
this is max… he has been hanged in southern spain…

when max arrived, he was howling in pain because of the rope embedded in his flesh, and burning up with fever due to the infection.

please watch his video… it’s heartbreaking…


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Dear dear Max, the darkness has gone from your eyes, and now there is brightness, that will get brighter as time goes on, you are gonna make it , so hang in there boy , through the treatments and pain, a forever home is out there waiting for you so don,t give up xx

  2. Viktor Larkhill and your team are AMAZING!!!

    Know that if I had $$ to spare, I would donate it.

    But I share your posts and pray for you and your team daily. Please keep up the hard work and all you do.

  3. He’s looking way better than the first time we saw him. I’m so glad that he’s doing better. Every time I see you guys post a video it brings tears to my eyes. The world simply needs more love, great job! <3

  4. I love him so much with what happened to poor max he just needs a lot of love and hugs and kiss and care to help max so he understands that there are not or people are like that . how is the infection and his temperature doing keep fighting max and i am sending you big hugs and kisses xx

  5. he looks much brighter, change in attitudes takes time. Unfortuneatel until this happens poor dogs like Max will continue to suffer in this way. You and your team are miracle workers but I hope, in time, this reacue will no longer be needed. I will continue to support your work until this happens xx

  6. He’s such a brave boy, putting up with all the treatments and never crying. There is a light of love in his eyes for his caretakers. Continue your healing, Max, and you will find a furever home to go to.

  7. Mon cher Max, sache que tu n’ es plus seul maintenant. Non seulement tu es entrer de bonnes mains, mais le plus important pour toi et ton rétablissement c’ est que nombreuses personnes, dont moi naturellement, suivons quotidiennement tes progrès ….

  8. Wow he is looking so much better, but still in need of lots of love and care. Weldone and thank you for all you are doing. His eyes are so sweet and innocent. Speaks a thousand words.

  9. I have two galgos from Spain and I knew that hanging is a common way to kill galgos, that are not good hunters… 🙁 Poor Max, thank you so much for saving him! <3

  10. So ein wunderschöner Hund. Zum Glück hat er überlebt und alles ist vorbei. Zwar hat er vllt. noch Schmerzen und diese wunderbare, aber jetzt kann er ein neues Leben haben. Danke

  11. Max is looking much brighter, I realise he is still in pain, but there seems to be more hope in his eyes. Are you using the honey mix for the wound?

  12. I am hoping and praying that this cute boy is haveing a dream life in the future, with a loving and caring family….and thanks for you all for taking care of all those poor, sad and miserable pups.

  13. Such a great dog – and such terrible people who do not deserve such a dog. Wish, such people would be punished the way, they understand their behaviour.

  14. He has such a beautyfull face and lovely eyes. He looks al lot like a dog we had in the past when i was a little girl. same face en fur

  15. He is looking so much better! Poor baby!! He knows that you are loving and helping him!!
    God bless you all!! And Max 100 fold!!

  16. I can’t even imagine the painkillers he must receive to allow the wound cleaning. What is that clear gel the attendant is placing on his neck?

  17. That makes me cry. His eyes look better than yesterday :)) hopefully Max won’t get infections. May I ask how Milo is doing ?

  18. OMG how bloody sad that a human can do such a terribly cruel and shocking thing like this to one of God`s creatures. You are right it is the eyes, they say everything he has gone through, you poor boy. It breaks my heart, thank you for CARING for Max and god bless you all xxx

  19. He looks so much better than the first video he is so lovely and he hasn’t made any fuss he seems to know that people are helping him even with all that he has been through he still trust humans !! He is Beautiful and I hope he gets a loving forever home when he is able and ready to

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