Lost dog found trapped between two fences

Thanks to officers with California’s Concord Police Department, a lost dog, who was trapped between two fences, was rescued. The Concord Police Department recounted the rescue effort on Sunday to followers of the department’s Facebook page.

The Department wrote:

Today, a concerned citizen called the Concord Police and reported hearing a dog in distress coming from the area of Harrison Ave. Officers arrived and located a dog stuck between 2 fences that bordered two properties.

The dog, a pit bull, had been stuck between the fences for hours – but the officers were able to safely extract him. Fortunately, the dog’s time between the fences did not result in harm – in fact, he did not require any veterinary care after being freed. The dog was given food and water by his rescuers, who waited with him until animal control responded.

Thanks to a microchip, officers learned that the dog’s name is “Kimbo,” and he had been reported missing by his owner. Kimbo has a cancerous tumor on his neck and he was in need of medication – thanks to the officers who freed him, he will soon be reunited with his owner and his treatment can continue.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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