Look At Mario!… Look In His Eyes… In His Eyes You Can See His Soul!

look at mario!!!… look in his eyes… in his eyes you can see his soul!! ****share!!!****

please don’t ignore mario because he is black!!! read his heartbreaking story!! please help us to save him!!!

mario has been found unconscious by the side of the road, covered in mud, barely able to move, unable to stand, with a big gash on his face. mario is riddled with parasitic diseases, leishmania, ehrlichia, anaplasma.

today i lived one of the most beautiful moments of my life as a rescuer.. standing over him veterinarian looked at mario in the eye and asked him:

“how could people be so heartless? you are such a good dog, aren´t you? who has done this barbarity to you?

it was a beautiful moment, one of deep communication and empathy between them…. i will never forget the way mario reacted and surrendered to him… i am totally sure that, in that moment, he finally knew he was loved.

please watch this incredible moment…


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Donated and shared. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to the innocent. It’s heartbreaking. His little face reminds me of my baby boy Eros…so innocent and loving

  2. He’s looking so much better. Thank you. I am still interested in adopting him when he is ready and, if able, to be transported. It is a long way but my heart and home will be open if needed.❤

  3. Breaking my heart scared,shaking and no idea he is in the best hands ever to be helped.Thank you for helping these Precious animals.

  4. Seeing him tremble breaks my heart/makes me cry Bc I can’t even image the horror he’s gone through.. what went wrong w the monster that abused him?!!
    I’m so glad you guys have been taking care of him, showing him what love is, making him feel safe and to trust humans again..

  5. Mario, you beautiful little friend. Hope your eyes will be full of happiness soon! Don’t know why you are shaking, but it will be wonderful the day you stop doing it. I only want you to be calm and safe. You and every animal on the planet deserve that. ❤️

  6. aww bless his sweet heart, poor Mario, he certainly is a cutie, he may be trembling with fear as he’s probably never known human kindness b4 in his entire life, now he is in the best place possible to receive the top notch love & treatment for him to get well & have a life worth living, his eyes have just melted my heart, thank you for saving & caring for him x

  7. Oh precious baby, I wish I could just kiss and hug all your fear away! Only God knows what these evil monsters did to you! If you only knew how many people love and want to protect you from harm! You are in my prayers sweet baby and ! Love you! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  8. Pauvre Mario, il était si traumatisé en arrivant à la clinique, c’était tellement dur à regarder cette souffrance qu’il dégageait… :'( … perdu, se demandant peut être ce qui allait lui arriver encore… il tremble encore, un long travaille de confiance est à faire… Pauvre Amour que lui est il arrivé pour avoir si peur !!! quel humain a pu le faire autant souffrir !!! j’ai tellement de peine… mais, je sais aussi qu’il est maintenant entre de bonnes mains et que l’amour du personnel de la clinique lui rendra cette confiance et qu’un jour, il ne tremblera plus… <3 <3

  9. OMG…. my heart is bleeding seeing this trusting but shivering soul. I know myself how painful it is to look by someone into infected ears. Hoping and praying. TY! <3

  10. Mario is beautiful dog. Seeing him shaking like this break my heart.I just don’t understand how people can do so harm to any animals.I glad he save feeling love so he can trust human again

  11. yes, you are correct and I also can see his beautiful soul. God must have given all his creatures a soul and only humans have the inclination to turn their soul’s evil.

  12. Mario !!!! Eres un viejito hermoso, has caído en las mejores manos, la mejor de las vibras. ¿Por qué tiemblas tanto? Miedo? Shock? Dolor? Eso pasará Mario

  13. OHHH, So very happy for him. You all are amazing to give his beautiful soul another chance at life and love. <3

  14. Prayers precious boy thank y’all for taking care of him. I hear that a lot that black animals get overlooked I have a black dog & cat they r amazing

  15. Mario tes le meilleur chien tu es courageux bravo à toi mon loulou et superbe vie pour la suite. Félicitation aux sauveteurs

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