Lisa Will Be Operated Tomorrow! The Operation Will Use A Cutting-Edge Laser Technique, But Is Still High Risk Surgery

lisa will be operated tomorrow!!! the operation will use a cutting-edge laser technique, but is still high risk surgery!!! please help us to save her!!!

there is no metastasis except a small spot on the lung that will be taken out during the same surgery. we hope to “buy her” two, maybe three good years with a happy life!!

an urgent email, two young girls writing to us from a small village in the middle of the rural countryside. they were desperately begging for help, to save the life of a dog with “something horrible coming from inside her body!!”

they sent us a picture and what we saw was completely devastating. it was shocking!. the mass was perforating her chest, and growing outside, pulsating, moving, bleeding… it had a life on it´s own!.

we dont know how lisa managed to survive in such conditions while carrying around this monstrosity.

please watch her full rescue video… this is true animal rescue!!


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. How old is Lisa? She looks so fragile but getting the tumor out is risky even if she was in great shape. How does a dog get in this shape? others saw her and she lived amongst then . So sad your country has such a low disregard for dogs (and cats). Lisa, you are more than just a dog ad hopefully you will find love with a forever family of your own.

  2. I will definitely include her in my prayers and we all know she’s with the best people in this world that will take care of her

  3. Awe I know the great team over there will do a wonderful job but I still pray the Lord guide their hands as they work to heal this baby. Sharing as always

  4. You could see so much sadness and pain in her eyes Hopefully after the surgery that will change.With love and care she will get well again

  5. She seems so fragile, so sad but I am sure she will fight to know her future life filled of love in a new home:). I am sending you tons of love ❤️

  6. Will be praying for this sweet baby. I hope she makes it through it and I hope she has a few good years. She deserves it. Praying for the doctors also

  7. Such a sweet face! It’s awful that Lisa had to suffer this condition all alone. I pray the operation will give her a new and happy life❤️

  8. Praying for Lisa <3. I wonder with that huge mass outside her body how come she didn't have worms in there? Normally flies lay their eggs when they see any open wound.

  9. Dr, Larkhill will you tell Milo’s many friends and well wishers how Miko is progressing? Thank you, N ex month when I get more dinero, I promise you. Miloand TEOto make a donation to help with the expenseses 0f medical care. Dr. Larkhill many thanks to you and your team of other vetenarians hat are treating our furry pals!!

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