Here He Is! Milo, The Miracle Cat!!! No More Surgeries!

here he is!!!! milo, the miracle cat!!! no more surgeries!!!!

last evening, after the surgery, he woke up as ravenous as a lion and started to demand food… he’s amazing!!!!!

here’s the video of yesterday’s surgery… in detail!!

i cannot find the words to describe, what milo has gone through in these past 15 weeks. i could tell you in detail about the multiple surgeries, about the days and nights engulfed by horrendous fever, about the multiple blood transfusions that time and time again got him out of the abyss he was falling into. i could tell you about immense suffering and a giant spirit that survived it all, including the dreaded panleukopenia.

but everything i told you would not be enough… nothing could honor and give justice to milo´s fight and his will to survive.

tomorrow milo will have his final surgery fix his jaw and to try save his right eye!!

it´s all here.. in this video… please watch… you´ve never seen anything like it..


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Ahhhh its so great the surgery is over and Milo is already feeling good in one of previous comment ´s u mentioned that you will try to save his eye as well,how did that go?i was watching video from surgery u did post but didnt see it not sure

  2. Is Milo completely blind? Is there any lasting neurological damage due to the head trauma? Milo must have used up several of his 9 lives, lol. Thank you and I hope he will find that forever home when he is healed.

  3. What a beautiful boy he is. I feel for him like he is one of my own. Thank you so very much for everything that you have done for him! Where will he live now? Could you and your family keep him Viktor? I don’t think I could let him go 🙂 <3

  4. Viktor, YOU ARE GREAT MAN!!! Incredible doctor!!! I can’t seat and watch quietly your videos ALWAYS!! It’s shock!! I don’t like this world because I don’t understand how people can be so, and I like and believe this world because there are very kind and strong people in it!!! Thank you SO MUCH FOR ALL WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!

  5. Life matters and his twice as much, cause he is a Voiceless and he deserves it……….also twice as much. I just got the urge of cuddling and gentle touch him. Milo YOUR the ONE!

  6. Much luv and my deepest respect for such a brave lil fighter like Milo and for the team who did everything to fix him as good as possible ❤️

  7. Precious baby, you are such a little warrior! So glad to hear your surgerys are over. You look wonderful. Love you baby! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  8. I love that cat if I was over their I would take him in a minuet he is so sweet and he has gone through so much Love to Milo xx

  9. Blessed hands!!! My heart goes out to Milo, poor little pet!!! He’s going thruogh so much! Thanks God for blessed hands!!!

  10. Bless you Milo so pleased for you and just pray and hope you get your forever Home that you deserve and thank you once again Viktor and team for saving Beautiful. Milo

  11. havn’t posted for a while as have been a bit poorly, great to see Milo doing so well, he’s 1 handsome fella & when the time is right for him to find a new home, his new family will have hit the jackpot having Mr Milo in their lives x

  12. Milo ein Held – ein Kämpfer – ein unglaublich starker Kater mit Ungebrochenen Lebenswillen !
    Ich Liebe ihn dafür !
    Alles Gute mein Engel und ein Leben mit Viel Liebe wünsch ich dir in deinem Neuen Zuhause ! HDL

  13. Yayyyyyy! What amazing surgery footage and so so happy Milo is hungry and that surgeries are over – you guys are amazing!

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