Here Are 31 Gorgeous Photos Of Completely White, Wild, And Domestic Animals

Animals living in the wild have skin or coat colors that help them blend in with their surroundings. If you are prey, it is best not to stick out, or you will be easily caught. Any predator who is easily seen won’t be able to hunt and survive for long. Every now and again an albino animal is born, and they are a source of fascination and wonder for humans since ancient times.

Their beauty and rarity draw crowds at zoos. Albinism is an inherited condition that is characterized by either a complete or partial absence of pigment (known as melanin) in the eyes, skin, and hair. According to Wikipedia, a person or animal born with no melanin is called an albino while an organism that has only a partial absence of melanin is albinoid or leucistic.

Their light-colored skin leaves animals more susceptible to sun cancer, sunburn, and other health problems. But the 31 all-white animals pictured below are simply stunning. Seeing these animals in the wild would be a rare experience because they are quite vulnerable to predators.

1. This alligator doesn’t even look real!

albino animal

2. A Humpback whale

albino animal

3. Simply gorgeous sea turtle.

4. Albino bat named the third rarest animals in the world, according to

5. White Buffalo. The white buffalo is spiritually significant or sacred in some Native American religions. White buffalo are often visited for religious rituals or for prayer.

6. Momma deer and her baby.

7. A Doberman-Pinscher

8. Pink Dolphin

9. Echidna, also known as spiny anteaters. They are natives of Australia.

10. Rare white Gorilla

11. All-white hawk

12. Chimpanzee

13. Hedgehog

14. A young Kangaroo

15. Kingfisher, very striking

albino animal

16. This is Onya-Birri (“ghost boy”) who live in the San Diego Zoo.

17. An amazing white lion!

18. A lobster, according to only one in two million lobsters is born blue.

19. Moose. These incredibly rare creatures have been seen in Canada and the United States.

20. Penguin

albino animal

21. This raccoon certainly stands out.

22. White Rhinoceros

23. White Skunk, even without his trademark coloration, an albino skunk is still as pungent!

24. An Albino squirrel

albino animal

25. Albino Tiger. Not to be confused with a white tiger which is just a pigment variation of the Bengal Tiger.

26. Vulture (still looks creepy)

27. Wallaby and baby

albino animal

28. Elephant

29. Marlin

30. Beautiful peacock

31. Zebra looks like his coat just faded in the sun!

Mother Nature has a way of creating some beautiful creatures. Be sure to share these pictures with your friends. You may never see an albino creature in real life!

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]

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