Heartless owner walking out the door and leaving a 13-year-old tiny dog behind, Frail senior abandoned in vacant home

The owner who left this frail senior abandoned in a vacant home to fend for herself most likely deserves the fleas of a thousand camels to invade his most vulnerable body area. Who can even imagine walking out the door and leaving a 13-year-old tiny dog behind?  Lois Chisholm, a volunteer at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter writes this on her popular rescue oriented Facebook page:

“ABANDONED INSIDE A VACANT HOME. This senior is so so tiny and frail. Need a rescue with foster to take good care of her, for however long she has left. She is technically on “confiscation hold”, but the shelter staff has stated they WILL RELEASE TO RESCUE WITH FOSTER right away. A girl like this one needs to be inside a home with tender loving care.”

This dog’s Pet Harbor listing. A499418 “I am a female, black and gray Pomeranian. Shelter staff think I am about 13 years old. I have been at the shelter since Nov 08, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304. She has been described as being very sweet, loves people and has delightful energy. Please share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos of frail senior abandoned via Pet Harbor and Lois Chisholm)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you

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