Heartbreaking! To Watch Zeus Walking Is Heartbreaking!

Heartbreaking!!!! To Watch Zeus Walking Is Heartbreaking!!!!

Zeus Has Unquestionably Been The Subject Of Physical Aggression; He Must Have Spent His Entire Life In Fear, Wanting To Go Unnoticed So He Wouldn’T Be Hit.

It Is Distressing To See Him Like This…

Zeus Is Hospitalised In Intensive Care, Being Treated For Leishmaniasis. He Is Receiving Fluid Therapy And His Blood Is Tested Daily To Monitor The Evolution Of His Kidneys And Liver.

Help Us Save Him:

A Call For Help In A Location About 3 Hours From Our Hospital. It´S Quite A Ride But It´S Urgent. The Has Not Moved, Barely Breaths.

We Leave Home At 5 In The Morning.

His Name Is Zeus, And He Is Completely Broken… His Body, His Spirit Have Been Emptied. There Is Nothing There Anymore. It´S Heartbreaking!!

In His Darkest Hour, He Lifts His Eyes, Looks At Me, And Licks My Hand.

Please Watch This Incredible Video…

[Fb_Vid Id=”1326815477363595″]

Zeus Is In Intensive Care… His Life Is In Our Hands… Please, Help Us Save Him…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKSto help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. One time I was helping out at a shelter for abandoned animals and I took one dog for a walk. While we were out I got tangled in his lead and automatically lifted my leg over it to get free. He immediately jumped back, cowarded and started whimpering. It was the most heart breaking thing! 🙁

  2. In my opinion this is one of the most heartbreaking videos you have ever posted. The fact that human beings did this to him is shameful. It makes me sick to know there are so many more like Zeus out there who won’t get saved. It gives me such a feeling of hopelessness. ❤️❤️ You are all heroes including Zeus.

  3. Someone needs to be working round the clock with this poor baby showing him nothing but love and tenderness and compassion. Constantly with gentle touches and caressing. That dogs spirit has been destroyed by some sick violent scum. It makes my heart ache seeing this. I just want to curl up in an extra large doggy bed with him giving him treats and kisses and hugs and belly rubs cuddling until the fear is totally gone. If i had a passport and money I’d be there immediately to do just what I said. I feel so useless. I cant even donate right now. I cant beat the tar out of his previous owners. Its nauseating knowing there are so many abusive people in this world. That every second of every day there are hundreds if not thousands of animals right now being hurt or killed. Its gotta stop! I’m so mad I forget what I originally wanted to say when I started typing. Smh.

  4. A prayer for Zeus: God in Heaven please pour out Your Love & strengthen this precious sweet baby. Lord wrap him up in Your arms & hold him tight so together we can heal his broken body & soul. Thank you Lord for bringing Zeus to people who will love & care for him. Bless them too Lord give them the ability needed to heal Zeus. Amen
    I’ve never been so upset by a video. I wish u could love Zeus & help care for him. My heart is breaking for him. Plz keep us updated.

  5. Oh god I want him to get better so bad, the thought of him being in pain kills me, come on big guy, you have so many people who love you and are routing for you ❤️❤️

  6. Heartbreaking to see him like this.
    One day he will learn to trust again, that tail of his will start to wag and he will play like a normal dog should.
    One day…. I, for one, am looking forward to that day xx

  7. I think in time he will gain trust and realize that he’s loved And that you guys are Trying to take good care of him his tail is not tucked under its kind of at neutral so that’s a good sign.I’m sure after he gets acclimated Being out of that room And being loved He will slowly get better Emotionally.

  8. So sad to think that this dog has lost trust in the human race. Clearly never been shown a kind hand, felt someone make a fuss of him, loved, probably never had any home comforts. How sad! I am sure Viktor and his team will make a difference to this poor dogs life – please help and support them.

  9. Some evil masquerading as humans can go at great lengths to inflict pain even to innocent animals– they are cowards that they prey on the helpless snd innocents!!! I pray KARMA catches up on them quickly!!!

  10. No way i feel for this poor dog i swear if i didnt have 2 of my own id take him in defo. I love animals carnt believe people can be so evil. Your in my thoughts and prayer zeus. I hope you find a loving home after all this buddy. I wish i could give you it myself bless ya xxxx

  11. Viktar , i share and keep praying that the Lord will soften the hearts of those who make the laws ans change them and enforce them , i hpoe to bring awarness to the world and stop the torture to all animals in Spain, together we can change things , i believe this with all my heart. ty for all you and the hospitol do..

  12. Poor sweetie! It is really heartbreaking! I hope that he will be happier soon surrendered by the love you are giving to him Thanks a mil and hugs and kisses to Zeus

  13. Don’t worry sweetheart. You are surrounded by more love and tender care now than you can imagine with even more being sent to you from all over the world via prayers. We are all with you.

  14. I’m praying for you Zeus! You are loved & you are safe now. You are beautiful & a wonderful life is waiting for you. Please hang in there sweetie! Don’t give up! All my love & kisses for you sweet baby!

  15. Prayers for Zeus. My heart is breaking. As long as I live, I will never understand how anybody can be so cruel and heartless. Again, thank you for all you do.

  16. This poor baby needs alot cuddles and a wee treat after all the abuse what Zeus has-been through he’s bound to be a bit slow at first praying for you

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