Emergency! They Closed Him In A Room And Watched Him Die Slowly!

emergency!! they closed him in a room and watched him die slowly!!! ***please share!!!***

a call for help in a location about 3 hours from our hospital. it´s quite a ride but it´s urgent. the has not moved, barely breaths.

we leave home at 5 in the morning.

his name is zeus, and he is completely broken… his body, his spirit have been emptied. there is nothing there anymore. it´s heartbreaking!!

in his darkest hour, he lifts his eyes, looks at me, and licks my hand.

please watch this incredible video…

zeus is in intensive care… hislife is in our hands… please, help us save him…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. As I am watching this video…I am thinking how the hell can it be so easy for some “humans” to be so frickn cruel but heaven for bid if they could show love!!! Look at this precious soul…he just wants LOVE!!! Wake the fuck up ppl…report any and all abuse!!!!

  2. Terrible to see this :-(, what a poor boy, but he’s safe thanks to you, now he has a new life, he’s a fighter and when he’s healthy, he’ll have find a wonderful home… Thanks to you for the rescue … Bad people doing something like that..: ‘( . Zeus has a beautiful soul <3 good luck for him <3

  3. Donated for Zeus. It breaks my heart to see such innocent animal got treated so badly. Please do your best as always to save him. Don’t give up Zeus! Your life can only get better from now on!

  4. I am in love with this sweet baby!! He’s sweet, sad eyes will smile one day….it may not be tomorrow, but it will be soon! Thank you Viktor! Hold on Sweet Zeus!! A little longer Sweet One, a little longer!! xoxo

  5. Zeus, your eyes speak so loud. Stay strong. I cannot wait to see how love, Care, respect and strength are going to look on you. I bet they will fit perfectly. WILLINGNESS TO LIVE being sent to you through prayer!

  6. How did someone do that to this sweet boy. Unfortunately this is what humans do to animals who live side by side us. This is happening everywhere. I see it all the time… report abuse! Pay attention to your surroundings, pick up the stray walking down the road. Most importantly, educate! We need to teach our neighbors that they to can make a difference. ❤

  7. Please get through this little man. . U have only experienced hatred from a minority of rotten humans. There are sooo many of u that will love you till there is no more love to give. Please fight xxx

  8. He is in the bestest hands, with God’s help and Viktor’s team and all of us donations to save his life, he will have his second chance… Come on every one let’s help….

  9. He is gonna live and be healthy again cos he is in fab hands, cannot wait to see him well again, he is loving dog and deserves the best x

  10. I hope he will be allright way do people treat Zeus like that he is in good hands good luck Zeus shared shared shared shared

  11. J’ai honte et la haine de voir a quel point les humains peuvent être aussi pitoyable et misérable de faire autant de mal au animaux ce sont des être comme nous ! Il sont même de loin supérieur a nous

  12. je trouve lamentable le comportement de l’humain vres un animal .je pleure en regardant dans quel état est zeus.je lui souhaite beaucoup de courage et surtout quil s’en sorte .merci a vous

  13. So heart breaking…at least you can see a spark there in his eyes now that he has hope that you are there to help him.

  14. The person who allowed this. Will rot in hell. I hope your life is filled with misery and pain. Like you inflicted on this poor dog

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