Emaciated Boxer abandoned on Los Angeles freeway

Had two Los Angeles policemen not driven by on Monday and spotted an emaciated Boxer lying on the side of a Los Angeles freeway, the dog most likely would have died by the end of the day – alone, starved, dehydrated and afraid. Fortunately fate intervened when an animal advocate for Border Buddies Rescue had been in the area and convinced the officers to allow her to call the rescue organization to help.

And from there, arrangements were made to quickly transport the dog, dubbed Bronx, to their emergency veterinarian partner where the undernourished dog was given a protein injection and antibiotics. Kimberley Ann Huntley, co-founder and president of the rescue told Pet Rescue Report how critical the dog’s condition was when he was first discovered:

“Bronx was so skinny his penis had come out of this protective sheath which is very dangerous. Bronx weighs only 56 lbs. The road to recovery will be long but he has spirit and heart; we do believe he will pull through.”

For now, Bronx is being cared for by Kimberly’s partner, Don Viteri.  Just two days since having given up hope on the side of a busy highway, Bronx has been making progress. He is eating, taking his medication and reported to be in good spirits. Sometimes it’s just a miracle how care and love can be the perfect prescription for a sad dog’s new future.

For more information how you can help Bronx, adoption information or how to make a donation, please click here.

(Photos of emaciated Boxer courtesy of Border Buddies Rescue)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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