Cruel Owner Sliced off Paw and Ear, Kind Rescuer Fighting To Save Life of Dog

When Desislava Stoyanova from Bulgaria discovered a homeless pup by the name of Morty struggling in an ally way barely able to walk, he was covered in blood and wincing in severe pain. No one knows exactly who did it, but Stoyanova believes that Morty’s cruel owner sliced off his paw, and part of his ear to teach him a very cruel lesson. Stoyanova couldn’t turn her back and knew she had to help poor Morty because no one else in the neighborhood, who shooed him away would.

Morty was in critical condition and there was no time for Stoyanova to wait in getting him the medical attention he so desperately needed. Thankfully, she was able to bring him to a clinic in time where he received a blood transfusion, and IV bags filled with nutrients to restore fluids lost.

Morty arrived at the clinic severely dehydrated and was found to have anemia which was draining him of energy. Doctors were not at all confident that he would survive, however, in spite of how critical his medical condition was, there was a glimmer of hope.

Morty is responding to treatment slowly but surely and is getting better as each day passes. He is now able to eat and drink on his own, however, his small stomach can’t handle much now. In addition to these improvements, Stoyanova is showering him with all the love he can handle and admits that Morty, who never knew what love was, is starting to come around emotionally as well.

While things are slowly turning in Morty’s favor, Stoyanova is hoping that when he is well enough, they can find the precious pup a forever home, where he will experience the love and care he so rightfully deserves. To help Morty and Stoyanova help cover the cost of his staggering medical bills, you can visit her Facebook Save Me donation page, to learn how you can help. Morty’s survival to this point is thanks to a kind and compassionate rescuer who couldn’t bare to see him forgotten. We ask that you keep Morty in your thoughts and in your hearts as he recovers.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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