Blind Dog and His Seeing Eye Friend Who Bonded at Shelter Finally Find Forever Home

A blind dog and his seeing eye friend who was surrendered to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter in California(SBAS) have finally found a forever home. The two, whose story gripped the nation as major news outlets pick up the story of their incredible bond, are now safe in the hands of rescuers who found them forever homes. Organization Cause for San Bernardino Paws took to their Facebook page and released the following statement saying:

“What an incredibly special day today. First, we had the honor of rescuing a senior bonded pair in need at SBC #A303048 (now Bosco) & #A224605(now Riley). Bosco had both eyes removed at some point in his past and Riley is his seeing eye dog. “

The pair won the hearts and minds of people everywhere because of the very special bond they shared between one another. Bosco who is blind, relied heavily on Riley to shepherd her through the tough time they had at the SBAS, as they awaited what could have been a very grim outcome. They were inseparable, and thankfully, someone is now taking a chance on the two elderly pups.

Their story is what happens when people come together to do everything they can to rescue the countless, voiceless dogs living in shelters across the country. We are wishing these two buddies the best of luck in their new forever homes.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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