Abandoned starving cats had to eat each other

A woman who walked away and left 14 cats in her home with no food or water has been found guilty of  animal cruelty. The abandoned starving cats had to eat each other; only one of the cats survived the horrific ordeal. The owner of the cats appeared in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday and was banned from owning animals, with the court taking mental health issues under advisement.

According to AbcNews,  when Animal Control and local police raided the  Woodville West home in Adelaide, Australia last  September,  only one of the 14 cats was still alive. Andrea Lewis, chief inspector of the RSPCA described the heartbreaking situation as rescuers entered the home:

“When RSPCA inspectors arrived at the property, the one surviving cat, completely emaciated, was crying out for us to hurry up and open the door. Is that a dead cat that’s been eaten by the other cats?” one inspector asked. “Yeah, there’s a couple,” another responded.

The surviving cat, which staff named Trooper, has since been rehabilitated and was adopted earlier this year. RSPCA staff members took a special interest in Trooper and were thankful that he survived the horrific ordeal. Fortunately the kitty seems to embrace his nine-lives; he has maintained his friendly nature and has been adopted by a loving family. According to Andrea, Trooper only survived because he ate the remains of other cats in the house.

Inspectors state they will routinely visit the woman’s home to ensure she isn’t keeping any pets.

Live a long and loving life Trooper.

(Photos of abandoned starving cats courtesy of the RSPCA)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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