8 neglected dogs left to die near a trash, abandoned in crate in parking lot

On Sunday, a Good Samaritan found eight neglected dogs abandoned in a remote, gravel parking lot that had been locked inside of a crate secured with zip lock ties in the Richmond area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. According to CtvNews, the dogs had been left to die near a trash receptacle.

“It does tug at your heart. You just feel so sorry for them. I mean they were crammed into a crate. They stunk. They were dirty. But friendly. They just wanted out,” said Pat Heineky who found the crate on his way home from work.

Heineky brought all of the neglected dogs to the Dhana Metta Rescue Society where they were all bathed and cleaned up. It is not known how long the dogs had been sitting in the crate, but they all reeked of having sat in their own feces and urine. At their first veterinarian examination, two of the dogs limped because of untreated broken bones and one of the dogs had serious dental issues. Now all of them are resting comfortably and reported to be very social and sweet. It is not known who the dogs belonged to or why anyone could have just abandoned them.

As to their breeds, the rescue updated the status of the little ones on Wednesday:

2 Are Tibetan spaniels
2 Lhasa Apso
3 shihtzu
1 shihtzu lhasa x
6 boys 2 girls

The six female dogs and two males dogs had been neutered or spayed. They range in ages from one to six years, and are not currently available for adoption as they are  on a 14-day stray hold. The adorable little guys have been named: Orville, Edwin, Rupert, Captain, Kingston, Cupid, Francis, and Maverick. Follow their stories on Facebook here. Donations to help with their care can be made here.

(Photos of neglected dogs via Dhana Metta Rescue Facebook.)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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