Video captures killing of child’s beloved horse

A surveillance camera captured video of the moment a child’s beloved horse dropped to the ground and died this week in Kansas City, Kansas. According to Fox 4 KC, the horrific act of cruelty took place on Tuesday morning while the seven-year-old horse named “Honey,” stood in her favorite spot along a fence-line near a road.

Honey’s owner, Dannie Penedo, told Fox 4 KC, “every morning when I left for work she would be there to say goodbye, she was always there, I would say goodbye to them, I never thought that would be it, that morning.”

Honey was Penedo’s 11-year-old daughter’s horse – a mare who was described as “the perfect patient horse.”

Penedo, and her daughter, are devastated over the act of cruelty which claimed Honey’s life. Anyone who knows anything about the shooting incident which claimed this horse’s life is asked to reach out to the authorities in Kansas City.

(Photos screen shots via Fox 4 KC)

Child’s horse shot and killed in Kansas City, Kansas; disturbing footage caught on surveillance video.


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]