Two women charged with abusing over 400 animals in their home

Two women who ran a sanctuary to help animals were arrested and accused of animal cruelty involving more than 400 animals.

Dawn Spoolman, 54 and Donna Mead, 51, also known as Donna Riner were arrested on Tuesday by Clark County officers for animal abuse among other charges.

Clark County detectives responded to reports of animal cruelty at the couple’s Cold Creek residence on Bugling Bull Road in April.

According to an arrest warrant for Mead, detectives recovered 428 animals from the home trapped in unsanitary conditions.

In the warrant, Metro detective Robert Siegel wrote that when he walked into the home along with his partner, he “felt our eyes water and it was difficult for us to breathe.”

The warrant also states the detectives “observed an extreme case of animal hoarding.” They saw dogs in crates that could not move, a turtle living in a tub surrounded by dead gold fish, cages with cats, ferrets, and rabbits none of which had clean water or food.

Sources familiar with the couple told News 3 they were nice women and thought the two loved animals.

Many of the animals were taken to the Animal Foundation on Mojave Road. So far, one 103 animals had to be euthanized for medical reasons.

The two suspects face three felony charges and 24 misdemeanor charges. They are currently under house arrest.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]

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