Sick Pup Recognizes, Then Showers The Man Who Saved Her With Endless Kissess

Up until now, this sad little puppy was headed down a lonely path, with not a friend, let alone a parental figure who showed her any love. Then, by the grace of a kind human, all of that changed, and today, well, she couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Mike Thawley, a firefighter with the Sacramento Fire Department, this dog is getting a new lease on life after she was found on the side of the road, tethered to a pole in the rain. Thawley untied her from the hell she was living in, and brought her to his truck from the rain. The dog, who had been suffering from some sort of untreated skin condition, from prior neglect, was now safe in the arms of her hero.

Thawley brought the dog to his firehouse where he gave her a bath, and dried her off. He named her Chunkie, made a few phone calls, before placing her at the Front Street Animal Shelter where he know she would be taken care of. Thawley’s kindness didn’t end there.

Thawley showed up to the shelter to check on Chunkie, to let her know that he didn’t forget about her and that he still cared. Their reunion is captured in the video below, and as the shelter says,

“As you can see from the video, she is very grateful!”


Thawley says that when she is well enough, he has arranged for Chunkie to come to his home where he will foster her until he can find her a forever home. Chunkie is still recovering from her ordeal and we asked that you keep her in your thoughts and in your hearts.
[Source Story: Fido4ever ]