Rescue Organizations Band Together To Help Dog Beaten With Baseball Bat

Rescue Organizations Band Together To Help Dog Beaten With Baseball Bat

Although it is beyond comprehension how anyone could be so cruel as to beat a senior dog repeatedly with a baseball bat, the despicable act has been inflicted on a dog from Texas now dubbed Falkor. Late Saturday evening, rescue organizations Second  Chance Dogs NYC and Dallas Dog RRR simultaneously posted a brief description and graphic video of a violently beaten dog in desperate need hoping to raise the funds to save his life.

“We beg of our followers to please help us raise the funds to pull this beaten dog out of the shelter in the next 30 minutes to get him the lifesaving ER care he needs now. Please help Falkor, Saturday night emergency room care is not cheap and has no rescue discount. We have a volunteer racing to get him out now, he is fading fast and has massive trauma all over his body and his face/skull has taken the brunt of the smashing bestowed upon him. He will probably lose his eye if he makes it,” had  been posted on Facebook.

Volunteers from Dallas Dog RRR pulled Falkor out of the county shelter in Fort Worth and transported him to an emergency veterinarian hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The dog’s condition was stabilized and a full examination is scheduled for the morning to determine the extent of his injuries.

Please note that Second Chance Dogs NYC and Dallas Dog RRR have collaborated in the past to save  critically injured dogs. To donate through Second Chance, please click here. To donate through Dallas Dog RRR, please click here.

An investigation into animal cruelty charges is currently underway. Falkor’s video is available to here.

(Photos and video via Second Chance Rescue NYC)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]