Puppy loses ‘half her face’ in suspected acid attack

A puppy lost what is described as “half her face,” in a suspected acid attack in Fulton County, Georgia. According to Friday’s WSBTV News, the five-month-old pit bull, named “Trixie,” escaped from Jeffry Matherlee’s repair shop when someone left a gate unlatched.

A short time later, someone grievously injured the puppy – it is believed that the horrific facial wounds were the result of someone dousing her with some type of acid. Trixie’s devastated owner told WSBTV, “It looked like a science project. Half her face was missing.”

Trixie is being held at Fulton County Animal Services as evidence – witnesses have stated that there were men seen kicking at the pup after she escaped from Matherlee’s business. The local authorities are investigating this cruel crime.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help pay for this puppy’s devastating injuries – click here to read more. Warning – graphic photo of suspected acid attack injury on the GoFundMe page.

(Photos/screenshot via WSBTV News)

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[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]