PUBLIC’S HELP NEEDED: Rescuers Heartbroken As Deformed Bait Dog Dies

The Pinal County Animal Care and Control in Maricopa, Arizona is asking for the public’s help to bring justice to a three-year-old gentle and gravely injured Mastiff/pit bull found on the side of the road at the intersection of Wildwood and Ralston Roads.

According to the shelter, the dog, dubbed Elliot, was found on September 23 and had been covered with open wounds as well as old scars from head to toe. In addition, his front legs were deformed and he was so weak from having been starved, the dog could barely stand without someone holding him up. Animal Cruelty officers suspected Elliot had been used as a bait dog and need the help of the public to identify his owner and conduct an investigation into what happened with this dog.

The Queen Creek Independent reports the staff at animal control cared for Elliot for five days until he was turned over to a rescue group.

“His diagnosis was worse than we could imagine,” stated Animal Care and Control Director Audra Michael. “He had tick fever, Valley Fever, was in kidney failure, both front legs had been broken and never fixed so they healed wrong. To top if off, his tongue was mutilated which is why he could not eat or drink anything.”

On September 29, Elliot died as a result of his injuries. He had been transferred to Lifeline Oro Valley Animal Rescue, who tried everything medically possible to help the gentle giant pull through. On the organization’s Facebook page, tears streamed down everyone’s face as the latest post brought the tragic news.

“…We wanted to do anything and everything we could for him and asked if the vet thought there was anything we could do to up his chances of pulling through. After discussing options, we brought him back home as the vet recommended that he be comfortable and less stressed. He was cuddled up in a heated bed, and we still believed we could possibly pull him through. He’d been wagging his tail earlier at the sound of our voices and was standing up and trying to follow Roge around. As we were sitting talking about the next steps for him, and how we would help him, his head in Roge’s lap, Elliot just took one big last breath and was gone. It was peaceful but unexpected, it was on his terms.”

Although most of Elliot’s life was one of torture and misery, at least for the last five days of his life, this poor dog was shown love, care and was never left alone for a moment. Rest in peace Elliot; we are sorry you never had the opportunity to heal and experience what you rightfully deserved: being a cherished dog.

Authorities are hoping the public can supply information leading to the identity of Elliot’s owner. Information can be called into Animal Care at  888.431.1311 or 520.509.3555.

(Photos via Facebook Lifeline Oro Valley Rescue)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]