Need Help: Frightened Boston terrier in horrific condition deserves better

When an animal shelter in Manning, South Carolina reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Wednesday for help with a two-year-old Boston terrier barely recognizable as her breed, animal advocates joined together to make a difference in the life of frightened and very sick young dog.

Dubbed Mila, the bewildered look on the dog’s face brought co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Jackie O’Sullivan nearly to tears.

“She’s asking ‘how did I get here? How did this happen to me?! I was a good girl. I feel awful.’ Poor Mila who deserved so much better from her humans! We think Mila deserves to live and not be killed due to lack of space in an overcrowded South Carolina shelter,” stated Jackie on the organization’s Facebook page.

On Thursday morning, Mila was rushed to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital in Columbia where an initial examination shows the young dog to have a fever running near 105 degrees and open, infected sores over her entire body.  She also suffers from demondex mange and an especially swollen neck likely from a too tight collar. Who knows  what cruelty or torture was inflicted upon this poor little dog, but now she is safe and under the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who continue to help the neediest and most severe cases of neglect, torture and abuse.

Mila’s life matters. To donate to her emergency care, checks can be sent to RDR NYC, PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]