Mean child lad beats up a tiny puppy while another boy watches on laughing, in this shocking footage

A mean child has been caught on video abusing a small dog. According to Friday’s Sun U.K., the video was recently uploaded to social media and outrage quickly ensued by those who watched the shocking footage.

Almost as disturbing as the appalling behavior by the young child is the action, or lack thereof, of the boy who is capturing the abusive situation on video. The older boy behind the camera merely laughs at the abusive behavior…no effort to stop the younger child from hurting the small dog.

The young child at the heart of the shocking video repeatedly hits and spits the frightened small dog. At no point in the video does the dog try to lash out at the boy – instead, he (or she) only tries, unsuccessfully, to run away.

Nobody knows where this disturbing abuse took place – nor the fate of the small dog on the receiving end of the abuse.

Click here to watch the video on The Sun U.K. – disturbing content.


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]