Investigation into teen’s Snapchat video of dog in Texas being lit on fire

Graphic update of viral Snapchat video of dog lit on fire

The Hewitt Police Department have confirmed they are investigating a disturbing video posted on social media showing a dead  dog being lit on fire, reports KcenTv.

The video originally appeared on Snapchat and the account is reported to belong to a Midway High School graduate who previously played football. It is unknown if the teen had a role in the dog’s death or if  the dog had already been dead when its body was set on fire.

On Facebook, Serena Teakell, a bartender at a local Wako bar, recorded the original Snapchat video, and on Friday night shared the disturbing footage on Facebook. Within a few hours it had garnered 229,000 views and nearly 5,000 shares. Serena commented and asked everyone to share:

“DEAR FRIENDS AND ANIMAL LOVERS, I’d like to introduce you to a boy from the Waco area, Zachary Molina and show you all what he and his friends think is cool to do to a dog’s body. I have no idea how the dog died or who this kid is, but since he found it so funny and cool to post it on his snapchat, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I shared it with facebook. Zach, I hope you’re embarrassed of yourself and thanks for accepting my friend request so I could tag you.



Police have been investigating since early Friday evening and posted the following statement on Facebook trying to assure the public this situation was not being ignored:

” I want to ensure the public that we are working on this and gathering all the pertinent details at this time. When we have further information, I will let everyone know,” posted Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin.

The dog’s owner has since come forward and stated on Facebook his dog had recently disappeared after breaking free of his collar to chase a rabbit in the park.

Warning: The video is extremely graphic and disturbing. The content may not be suitable for all viewing audiences. (Photo via screenshot of video)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]