Gym-Goer Who Left 3 Dogs To Die In Car Banned From Owning Dogs

Gym-Goer Who Left 3 Dogs To Die In Car Banned From Owning Dogs

A gym-goer, who left his three dogs to die inside of a parked car for several hours in mid-June, has been banned from owning dogs for 10 years, and sentenced to 18 weeks (suspended for two years) reported Monday’s Wisbech Standard. The heartbreaking situation which resulted in horrific suffering, and death, to three dogs, was the doing of 65-year-old Jonathan Theobald of Peterborough.

Theobald left his pets, Daisy, Mitch and Rascal, inside of the parked vehicle for several hours on June 16 while he worked out at a gym. The RSPCA, which investigated the deaths, stated that the dogs essentially “slowly cooked” while they were inside of Theobald’s parked vehicle.

The man’s life-ending lapse of judgement was discovered after other gym-goers noticed him dragging the lifeless bodies of the dogs from his vehicle. Theobald has expressed remorse for the death of his pets – the RSPCA has used the sad situation as a reminder to dog owners that pets should not be left inside of cars, even on days that aren’t considered to be obviously hot.

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