GUILTY: Man Who Threw Puppy From Third Story Building SENTENCED to JAIL



(United Kingdom) A Leicestershire, Magistrate sentenced Wayne Keightley to prison after he was found guilty of throwing a small puppy three stories outside of the window of his flat. The incident which occurred on January 20, made international headlines for its sheer brutality.


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Thankfully, the puppy, who was eventually renamed Gipsy, survived the ordeal, escaping with just  a broken ankle, and minor cuts and scrapes.


The window in which Gipsy was thrown out of

Before sentencing him to 10 weeks in prison, District Judge Tim Daber scolded Keightley saying,

“It was very fortunate indeed, certainly by luck than good judgment, that the dog was not more seriously injured or killed.”

According to a court affidavit, Keightley who had been drinking alcohol and taking cocaine on the night of the incident, jumped out of the window himself, because of a hallucination he had experienced in which men with Samurai swords were chasing him. Before he jumped, Keightley threw Gipsy outside of the window to supposedly “save him too.”

Keightley entering a court building for his arraignment

Keightley entering a court building for his arraignment

During a trial that lasted days, Keightley’s attorney defended him, referring to his client as an “avid animal lover,” who did not purposely harm Gipsy. He also went on to claim that Gipsy had actually lept out of the window herself, following Keightley’s lead. After he was sentenced, Keightley was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody. It is not known at this time if he will appeal his sentence.


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