Emaciated, sickly German shepherd too weak to stand

When a German shepherd, dubbed “Amigo,” was first found, he was so emaciated and weak that he could not stand. According to Maria Dales, with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, the ailing shepherd was found in Mexico and then moved to California where he could get life-saving help.

Amigo is suffering from a wide variety of maladies – all signs point to long term neglect which have left his body in shambles. Amigo is anemic, covered in fleas and ticks, his jaw is infected, nails long and he may be suffering from one or more tick-borne diseases.

Currently, Amigo is being treated with antibiotics and pain medication by a veterinarian in Anaheim Hills – when he is strong enough (and has gained much needed weight) he will need to undergo surgery on his badly infected jaw.

Eventually, after this badly neglected shepherd has recuperated from the most significant of his ailments, he will be able to join a foster home to continue growing stronger and learning what it means to be part of a loving household.

According to Dales, a foster home is still being sought for Amigo – somewhere that this malnourished dog can recover and grow stronger.

If you are interested in making a donation towards Amigo’s veterinary care, you can do so at this link to the rescue agency. Anyone interested in fostering can click here to complete an application with the rescue group.
[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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