Dog Who Spent Most of His Days Locked Away in a Cage is Finally Liberated, Wags Tail For First Time

Life for a dog named Liszka was glib to say and write the least. As she peered out from a rusty cage on a wondering what her future might have in store, all thanks to a neglectful owner, she could have never imagined life apart from her cage. Thankfully, Liska was finally freed from her own personal hell, and how did she celebrate? She wagged her tale for the very first time in excitement, ever in her life.

Life in a rusty, confined cage took it’s toll on Liszka physical health. Her back was hunched from the confinement and she could barely stand or walk once rescuers with the OTOZ Animals finally freed her. No matter what her physical condition was, the most important thing is that she survived, and was so grateful to be alive that she couldn’t contain her excitement.

The rescue took to their Facebook page and wrote,

“She was lying and waiting for death.”

Liszka has visited with a vet, and besides being a little malnourished, got the all clear. She receives daily massages to ease her rigid muscles, and in time, she will be strong enough to walk without tiring. The hunch in her back will eventually go away now that she is out of her cage. As you can see in the video below, she can’t stop wagging her tail living the new life she once could only imagine.

To learn more about OTOZ rescue organization please visit their Facebook page. Please keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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