Dog Rescued From War Torn Syria is Reunited With Family In Canada


Watching what is happening in Aleppo, Syria is especially disheartening, when you consider that the world isn’t doing enough to help solve the problem of constant bombardment from Russian, and Syrian government planes. The city of Aleppo, like much of Syria is in a humanitarian free fall, as innocent civilians die by the thousands every month.


One family who was lucky enough to escape Aleppo, thanks to the generosity of a refugee organization, made it all the way to North America, Canada specifically. The family had a dog named Fox, and because they had to evacuate quickly, and escape under the cover of night, they couldn’t bring him with them. They said their goodbye’s, cried for days, and never forgot all the good memories that Fox gave them.

The family told their story about Fox to the SPCA International, and they got to work to track him down, to see if he was still alive, and could be rescued. The following video capture the moment Fox is rescued, and reunited with his family:

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]