Disturbing Video Of Dog Abuse Goes Viral And Grabs CCPD’s Attention

It’s easy how people just abuse their dogs and pretend that they’re not doing anything wrong. Take an example of this man in the video who was mercilessly beating his dog because “apparently” she was running out for 20 minutes and would not come to him when he called out to her. Because the dog didn’t come to him, he mercilessly beat her and even threw her to her ground by holding her neck.

The Corpus Christi Police and Animal Care Services (CCPD) are investigating on this case after the neighbor, who shot this video, exposed him in broad daylight. When the animal rescue group went to get the dog, the man refused to surrender her. Then the owner was served with a warrant while the dog was taken straight to the vet by animal control officers.

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[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]