Determined Puppy Found Stuck In Mud Pit With Gun Shot Wounds Wills Himself To Live


The Humane Society of Richmond County (HSRC) responded to an anonymous tip that there was a puppy in distress, and when they arrived to an abandoned home in Ontario, Ohio, they got the shock of a lifetime. When they made their way to the backyard of the property, they heard little cry’s, and what appeared to be a small puppy struggling to stay alive in a mud pit. Upon closer examination, they discovered exit wounds of what appeared to be bullet holes, that riddled his tiny body.

The dog was renamed Lilleth, and brought to the HSRC where he was evaluated medically. Doctors found that in addition to be shot, she was also kicked, and punched by her owner. A shelter representative, who wished to remain anonymous said,

“She was unable to move her hind legs. She was taken directly to Dr. Jordan Phillips that night where he thought it was best to try to find a foster instead of her going to the shelter.

Worse, HSRC representatives could not find any food or water nearby and so Lilleth was literally days from dying, if her injuries weren’t going to kill her first. For now, Lilleth’s prognosis is not great, as she has to use a special wheel chair to help her get around. The injuries sustained in the gunshot have paralyzed her hind legs. Doctors at the shelter say it remains to be seen if this is a type of temporary paralysis, and have tried physical therapy which so far has said to produce miraculous results.

Lilleth is a fighter, and at just a tender age, she has made a commitment not to quit on herself. Police have not identified her owner, or a motive for why she was attacked, and are presently investigating. We ask that you keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]