Community Heartborken Over German Shepherd Dumped on Side of Road With Eyes Ductaped


In Harris County, Texas, a community is heartbroken over a German shepherd who was found injured on the side of the road, with her eyes duct taped. It was a discovery that cause so much heartbreak, because the dog was in a helpless position, and could barely move because of an injury to her leg. Had it not been for a Sheriff deputy who happened to be passing by the busy Rushcreek Drive and Spears Road, the dog would not have survived.

Harris County Deputy Christine Kendrick said,

“Dogs get dumped on the side of the road all the time. Unfortunately the duct tape issue isn’t a rare occurrence and it does happen. People sometimes will duct tape the dog because they bark too much and things like that but it really causes an extensive amount of damage to the skin and the tissue of the dog. So, it’s certainly nothing that’s acceptable.”

When the pup, who had no name was transferred to a local animal hospital by the The Houston SPCA, a veterinary team began assessing her injuries which turned out to be more serious than anyone had soon come to realize on the surface. For one, she had suffered massive head trauma, consistent with being pushed out of a moving car. In addition to this, little tumours were found around her mouth, an indication that she might be suffering from cancer.

Doctors tried desperately to save the precious pup, who fell into a coma after arriving to the hospital. Sadly, she could not be saved and passed away. The Houston SPCA is offering a $5,000 dollar reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of this dog’s past owner. Tipsters, who can remain anonymous, are encouraged to call (713)869-7722. 


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]