UPDATE: Terrified Pup Tossed in Kill Shelter Rescued Just in The Nick of Time

When June Cash’s former owner dumped her at a high kill shelter, things were certainly not looking well for her. June broke down, and was so terrified, she stopped communicating with shelter staff all together. Who could blame her? Life in any kind of shelter life is chaotic, and so to cope with that, she tucked herself away in a corner and just stared at a wall.


As I reported in my last story about June, Tammy Graves who is President of the Haley Graves Foundation, was at the shelter evaluating other dogs for temperament and behavior when she came across a sad sight.

There June was, tucked away in her corner staring at the wall. Graves knew she had to do something to help, and so she pulled out her camera, took that memorable picture of June looking desperately hopeless, and began plotting a way to find her help. Graves posted the photo of June on her Facebook page, and then image went instantly viral, having been shared a remarkable 130,000 times.


June, who was largely forgotten at the shelter, was now receiving offers by the hundreds from all over the world with people looking to adopt her. Shelter staff had work to do to find the right candidate, eventually settling on a foster they thought was the perfect match. Finally, June’s days at the gloom and doom of the kill shelter were over.


Graves said,

“She was scared leaving and is just learning to trust people. Every day she comes a bit further.”


June was evaluated medically, and diagnosed with a severe case of heartworms. Doctors said that her case was so severe in fact, that if she stayed any longer at the shelter, she would have died anyway. She was facing death and thanks to one iconic photo that was shared on Facebook, she has her life back. It is not easy, but June is learning to trust now that she is recovering, and things are headed in the right direction.


Graves continues

“She is learning that there are really good people in this world.”


As soon as she is well enough, Graves says that June will, in fact, be placed up for adoption. For right now, she is more than gracious for a second opportunity to be the happy dog she once was because her shelter days are over.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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