Success: Man pleads guilty to torture for mangling pup’s ears

An Ohio man has pleaded guilty to a charge of torturing a companion animal. According to ABC 6 On Your Side News, rather than face a jury, David Burgett opted to take a plea deal on Tuesday – the deal puts Burgett behind bars for 30 days and on probation for five years.

Burgett’s charge resulted from his part in a cruel incident which left a young pit bull puppy named “Zeus,” with mangled ears. Burgett, and his brother Kyle, removed little Zeus’ ears in a cruel, and public, fashion. The puppy was held down by brother David while Kyle used a razor blade and mallet to slice the ear flaps away – the heinous procedure not only mangled the pup’s ears, but was horribly painful and cruel and the brothers posted a video of what they did on Facebook.

Burgett has shown little to no remorse for the cruel incident – his only remorse apparently was getting caught and punished. According to the news source, brother Kyle pleaded guilty to the same charge in August. Video of Kyle Burgett walking out of the court room shows a defiant man who repeatedly flipped off the ABC 6 reporter who was attempting to question him about the case.

(photos screenshots via ABC 6 On Your Side News)

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[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]