Stray Dog Works His Way into Position With A College

The Dean of the Colegio de San Lorenzo in the Philippines has a tough job. However, his job does not entail being shadowed around the campus by a stray dog. Recently, though, that is precisely what happened to him as he went about his day taking care of those in need of his services. The darling dog was there one day, and then he was there all the days that followed. It seemed to the dean that the dog was never going to go away, and that he’d kind of adopted the school campus and the dean as his family, and he made a few jokes with the staff that the dog needed his own ID card since he clearly lived there. The dean and the school began to feed and care for the dog, and the next thing everyone knew, the dog had his own ID card.

They named him Enzo, and he is now working for the campus. He is the ambassadOG, and his job is to walk around and keep everyone safe. He loves his new family and everyone on campus seems to love the dog, too. He is no longer homeless, hungry or unloved. He is now a very happy dog that gets to stay with the campus security dog at night so that he can help keep the campus safe. It’s a dream job for this dog, and we have to say it was his persistence that landed him the position. Most dogs would have given up sooner.

Photo by Instagram

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