Stolen Pet Dog Heading To Slaughter

A depressed pet dog lays in an iron cage, with only his red house collar left to identify him as being a loved family pet. Somewhere a family is grieving and searching desperately for him. This small truck was heading toward Huai’an, approximately four hours from Shanghai.

Laying in the hot sun for hours, in iron cages, the fate of these dogs is sealed. There appear to be three chocolate color poodles in the blue cage, plus a black and white dog. China does not have dog farms so almost all dogs in the meat trade are stolen pets.

The small truck is stacked with loaded cages, crammed on top of on another. As hours drift by in the relentless sun, panic would begin to set in, as dogs would start to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation. Dog dealers don’t care if dogs expire on the way to slaughter, they’ll still get paid for the weight of the dogs, dead or alive., pet centric, #fightdogmeat

Stolen pets being driven down the freeway, to slaughter.

China (and Vietnam), have no animal protection laws so therefore acts of animal cruelty such as in these photographs are not questioned, unless they are pulled over by authorities and asked to show certification of ownership of all the animals on board. It becomes a question of theft, not animal cruelty.

Ironically, Huai’an refers to “everlasting peace of Hwai River.’ Pity there is no everlasting peace for the animals of China or their constantly nervous owners, never knowing if their pet will be the next one stolen.

Fight Dog Meat will continue to support China’s animal activists and animal lovers, and help push for animal protection laws to be implemented.
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