Rescuers Miraculously Save A Puppy Who Was Once So Lifeless, Flies Swarmed His Body

You may recall the India rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited for their unbelievable rescues; we’ve shared a few of their stories, including a street dog who had laid down to die and a pup with a severely swollen face. Last week, they saved yet another dog who was teetering on the edge of death.


When members of the rescue team discovered a puppy laying underneath a car, he looked like he was already dead. In fact, he was so lifeless, flies had begun to cover his body.

But this pup had such a will to live, after receiving fluids and some love, he began to show huge improvements that same day! Now, two months later, he is happy, healthy, and full of life!

The beginning of this video is hard to watch, but the incredible transformation will lift your spirits and restore your faith in humankind!

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