Quarterback suspended for allegedly beating dog

The quarterback for Missouri State has been “indefinitely” suspended following allegations that he beat a dog so severely that the dog’s jaw was broken and several teeth damaged badly enough that they had to be pulled, reported Friday’s USA Today.

The college athlete accused of the cruel crime has been identified as Breck Ruddick a redshirt sophomore. The suspension follows a damning Facebook post made Friday afternoon by a friend of the dog’s owner (click here to read). The dog allegedly injured by Ruddick is a 42-pound Australian shepherd named “Luca.”

According to the Facebook post, Ruddick “lost his cool,” hit the dog and then let the wounded dog run free. The dog’s owner was allegedly only told that Luca had run away – the wounded dog was found the next day, “bleeding profusely,” and had to undergo surgery for a fracture jaw and the removal of six teeth.

The football team has decided to suspend the accused animal abuser  “until the situation is resolved.” Nearly 15,000 people have signed a petition asking for Ruddick to be permanently removed from the football team.

(Luca photo via Facebook)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]