Puppy rescued in Benton County with both back leg paws cut off

In a call for help in Benton County, Mississippi for a stray, emaciated puppy on Friday, rescuers from Arkabutla Rescue Rehabilitation and Foster organization were shocked to find the dog’s back paws had been intentionally cut off. That afternoon, the organization posted the news of another disturbing case of animal cruelty on their Facebook page:

“To say I’m disgusted is putting it lightly. This is the dog with his hind feet cut off we just rescued in Benton county. I can’t wrap my head around the cruelty. He’s a young dog, probably not much over a year. And of course, sweet as can be. The amputations are clean, straight cuts done intentionally.”

By Friday afternoon the sweet little guy dubbed Nubbin was on his way to the Oak Tree Animal Clinic.  No one knows where Nubbin came from, and his feet have already healed over. It’s unconscionable to even imagine the pain the puppy must have suffered. The “nubs” have since calloused, however he does have fresh sores from walking. More information will be shared once a plan has been established to help Nubbin live a better life.

Someone knows what happened to this puppy. Help him find some justice and protect another dog from abuse by reporting any information to authorities.

Donations for his care can be called in directly to the vet. 662-893-0880. Donations can also be made through Paypal.


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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