Need Help: Homeless Dogs Living on Trash Pile Get Rescued Together

For nearly two months these adorable puppies now named Dill and Pickles were sitting on top of a trash heap in East LA. During this time the Poodle and Terrier mix were being kept alive by local workers in the area. However, when Hope For Paws got the call, they rushed to the scene to give aid to the canines. Within only a minute of arriving they spotted both dogs and fed them. One of the workers, Lisa Arturo also placed a “lucky leash” on both of them.

After being initially afraid to enter the vehicle the two dogs eventually mustered up the courage to start their new lives. What transpired was a remarkable transformation of these two dogs from homeless, dirty, hungry, and exhausted to two vibrant, clean, even cuter than before duo of friends. Whatever ends up happening we sincerely hope that these two get adopted together because something tells me they won’t leave each other’s site.

Adoption Information

If you’re interested in adopting these two pooches, check out the rescue currently putting them up, Bark N’ Bitches. Or, if you’d like to help Hope For Paws continue their valiant rescue efforts in the greater Los Angeles area, where tons of pups need their help, you can always donate!

Check out their amazing story in the video below:

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