Laughter As A Dog Is Hanged – Warning: viewer discretion advised

When an innocent animal is being deliberately tortured it is particularly sinister to hear laughter by those inflicting the pain. At some point we all secretly wish the perpetrators would suffer the same terror and pain the innocent animals.

Although this is not related to the video of the dog being hanged, Chinese animal rescuers recently gave a dog thief a taste of his own medicine. Laying on the ground hog tied and trussed, the dog thief didn’t look very tough at all, as a group of furious male animal lovers verbally abused him.

We don’t know what took place after the cameras were turned off, but I’m sure they didn’t just untie him and let him walk away unscathed. I imagine he had a taste of vigilante justice, on behalf of dead dog, and all the other dogs he’s stolen and killed.

For the poor dog being hanged in the video (below), is a stark reminder of what happens so often at people’s private houses, in ‘all’ dog eating countries, when people wish to freshly kill a dog to eat, for their own consumption.

There is so much animal cruelty taking place across the global dog and cat meat trade. Two countries which do not have animal protection laws are China and Vietnam, both with horrifying statistics of animal cruelty and lack of prosecution against perpetrators.

Warning: viewer discretion advised:

Lack of animal protection laws not only leads to animal cruelty, but too often it results in violence and sometimes even human deaths. Governments only need to view statistics to recognize animal lovers are calling for animal protection laws in their own countries, to protect their family pet and them, as the pet’s owner.

As the scale of violence against pet owners increase in both Vietnam and China, one day their respective governments will be forced to implement animal protection laws and up hold them.

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